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Silverback Sports Gorilla Bands Baseball Strength Training Resistance Band - Youth

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Product Info

Color: Black

Sport: Baseball / Softball

Age: Youth

Product Description

Gorilla Bands ™ are designed to increase the durability and strength of today’s athlete. Use Gorilla Bands ™ as a core part of an arm care regimen to maximize results. By properly incorporating Gorilla Bands ™ into an arm care regimen, athletes can expect to see a increase in arm flexibility, mobility, conditioning, and overall strength. Gorilla Bands ™ target key muscles in the shoulder, back, and arm that combine to develop overall strength and proper deceleration for each and every throw. Medium resistance designed for ages 12 and below. 

For Proper Care of Your Gorilla Bands ™ Please:

  • Do Not Align the Clip Directly in Line With Your Head, Neck, or Face from the Anchor Position.
  • Keep Gorilla Bands ™ Stored in a Bag to Shield it from Sun & Cleat Damage.
  • Inspect Bands for Wear Before each Use.
  • Bands should not be Stretched more than 2 Feet Longer than Original Length.
  • For Training Purposes Only.
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